Independently licensed for both Archi­tectural and Interior Design, NPDA is the largest South Florida full service design firm with over 25 years of experience specializing in corporate interiors.

Architectural Corporation Registration AA26000852
Florida Interior Design Corporation Registartion  - IB26000641

• Our offices are linked electronically and staffed with only senior level profes­sionals.

• NPDA is the state of the art leader in CADD computer tech­nology. We offer in-house computerized 3-D rendering and photo-realism imaging capabilities. This elaborate architec­tural production system helps increase our exceptional response time for our valued clients.

• Extensive experience and expertise at solving the unique challenges facing today's corpora­tions wishing to consoli­date, economize and effectively plan facili­ties.

• We are sensitive to the business needs and budget parame­ters of our corporate clients and exercise our creativity and extensive knowl­edge of materials and methods to achieve well designed interiors with careful attention to our client's corporate image.

• NPDA offers in-house facilities management services. With our extensive experience, over a million square feet per year, we offer unique insights in facilities planning, invento­ry main­tenance, and in-house con­struction and move management.

• NPDA is a full service furniture dealer and has an in depth understand­ing of the design and specification of furniture systems.

• Our goal is to provide you with the very best and ever increasing quality of service and product. We know it is extremely important to remain at the cutting edge of new technolo­gies, maintain extensive and current knowl­edge of building codes and state regulations, and employ South Florida's top notch profes­sionals as members of our staff. At NPDA, nothing is too much trouble for our clients.




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